2019 Toolkit

PMF is pleased to provide the Resource file for download, entitled “Getting Into Medical/Pharmacy School: Your Tool Kit.” Please review all of these materials and utilize them in your preparation towards medical/pharmacy school. You should continue to gather pertinent information and add it to your folder. PMF is here to support you. Please let us know how we can assist you in accomplishing your dreams of becoming a doctor or pharmacist.

What you will find in this toolkit:

General Information & Overviews

  • Allopathic Medical Schools with Math Requirements 2016, adapted from MSAR by Bryn Mawr College Office of Health Professions Advising
  • Allopathic Medical Schools with Additional Science Requirements 2015, adapted from MSAR by Bryn Mawr College Office of Health Professions Advising
  • Qualities Sought by Professional Schools, Yale Undergraduate Career Services
  • Road to Becoming a Doctor (AAMC)
  • The Smart Pre-Med Student’s Guide, Suzanne Smith, Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness, Inc.
  • Behaviors of Successful Medical Students
  • Guide to Medical School, Colorado College Career Center
  • How Do I Decide if a Career in Medicine Is Right for Me (AAMC)
  • How Do I Apply to Medical School (AAMC)
  • How Do I Make Sure Social Media Doesn’t Hurt My Chances? (AAMC)
  • How Do I Apply to a MD/PhD Program? (AAMC)
  • MD/PhD Program Policies, (AAMC)
  • MD/PhD: Is It Right for Me?
  • Medical School Admissions-Myths and Realities, University of Buffalo
  • Medical School Should I Apply To?

The Application

  • AMCAS GPA Calculator
  • Application Tracker Template
  • Application Workshop, Columbia University Office of Pre-professional Advising
  • College 4 Year Timeline for Application and Admission, (AAMC, MSAR)


  • 2017 MCAT Essentials (AAMC)
  • 2015 MCAT Preview Guide (AAMC)
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Section (AAMC)
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Section (AAMC)
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Section (AAMC)
  • Documenting ADHD for Testing Accommodations (AAMC)
  • Documenting Learning Disabilities for Testing Accommodations (AAMC)
  • Documenting Psychiatric Disabilities for Testing Accommodations (AAMC)
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section (AAMC)
  • The New Score Scales for the 2015 MCAT Exam (AAMC)
  • What’s On the MCAT Exam? (AAMC)

Personal Statement

  • 7 Tips for your Medical School Personal Statement
  • 10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay
  • 10 Topics to Avoid in a College Admission Essay
  • Personal Statement Guide-Tips for Writing a Winning Statement of Purpose, David Rubin, Pre-graduate Advisor, Emory University Career Center
  • Writing your Medical School Personal Statement


  • Harvard Univ. Med School Interview Tips
  • Prehealth Interview Workshop, MIT Global Education and Career Development
  • The Multiple Mini-Interview, Kenn W. Eva, Medical Education
  • 5 Questions Medical School Applicants Are Afraid to Ask
  • Medical School Interviewing, (AAMC)
  • Mission Interview Worksheet, (AAMC)
  • SDN Interviewing for Medical School
  • Medical School Admissions Interviews


  • FIRST: The Cost of Applying to Medical School, (AAMC)
  • FIRST: The Financial Aid Application Process, (AAMC)
  • FIRST: You Can Afford Medical, (AAMC)
  • Financing Medical Education, presentation by AAMC
  • How Do I Pay for Medical School?, (AAMC)
  • Mission Possible: Sound Financial Planning for Medical School, Brown University Pre-Med and Health Careers Advising Office


  • Prevention and Wellness in Health Care Reform
  • UC Davis Diversity Brochure
  • America Needs A More Diverse Physician Workforce, AspiringDocs.org, (AAMC) Campaign to Increase Diversity in Medicine
  • Answering the Question of the Year With Faculty Diversity
  • Closing the Gaps in the Medical School Applicant Pool, AspriringDocs.org
  • The State of Diversity in the Health Professions
  • Underrepresentation of Underrepresented Minorities in Academic Medicine


  • Course Prerequisite Information
  • Dual Degree Programs
  • First Year Tuition
  • Fourth Year Tuition
  • PCAT Information
  • Pharmacy School Admission Requirements
  • Second Year Tuition
  • The Saga of SB 493: California Extends Scope-of-Practice for Pharmacists (APA)
  • Third Year Tuition


  • Internet Resources for Pre-Health Students
  • UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program
  • How Do I Find Healthcare-related Volunteer Opportunities?, (AAMC)
  • How Do I Get Lab Experience?, (AAMC)
  • How Do I Shadow a Doctor?, (AAMC)
  • How To Be A Good Mentee


  • Ready for the Redesigned SAT 2016


  • Curriculum Vitae Guidelines, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Learning Strategies for Success in Medical School, Pamela Devoe, Curriculum Development Consultant, University of New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Additional Resources
  • How Do I Make the Most of My Gap Year?, (AAMC)
  • FIRST: Post Baccalaureate Premedical Programs, (AAMC)
  • Resume Guidelines, La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison