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About Doctors on Board Program®

The “Doctors On Board Program” is an innovative and exciting opportunity for underrepresented minorities students who are African American/Black, Native American and Latino/Hispanic. Post-baccalaureate, pre-meds, college/university students, community college students and high school students interested in becoming physicians will experience a rare snapshot of what it takes to become a doctor. Students will have a phenomenal opportunity to explore various facets of medicine and receive information about medical school preparation.

The Doctors On Board Program provides students with the following:

  • Network with physicians, faculty, residents, medical students, administrators, educators, business professionals and others
  • Attend workshops and receive valuable information on admissions requirements for medical school
  • Attend workshops and receive valuable information regarding financial aid for medical school
  • Workshops on writing personal statements, interviewing skills and MCAT/SAT exam prep
  • Attend mock primary care clinics with real patients for students interested in primary care specialties
  • Attend mock knot tying/suture clinic for students in surgery
  • Discuss core aspect of medicine and engage in speed-mentoring role-play
  • Parents & family members attend workshop for “Parents & Family of Future Doctors/Pharmacists: How to be Supportive”
  • Receive “Doctors On Board Certificate of Completion” at the end of the program if students attend both days

2022 Doctors On Board® Program
and Community Health Internship

This year's program has been a great success. We are now making the program available to you so that you may reep the benefits of this wonderful program.

2022 DOB Program

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PMF is funded by major grants from:
Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs, The California Wellness Foundation, Dr. Michael and Denise LeNoir and The California Small Business Relief Grant.

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Important Note:
There is no cost to the students for this program. Breakfast and snacks are also included.
Please note: This program is designed for students who want to be become doctors. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications from students interested in other healthcare fields.